Jackson's "This Is It" Tops $200 M

In this film publicity image released by Sony Pictures, the movie poster for Michael Jackson's "This is It" film is shown.
Sony Pictures says "Michael Jackson's This Is It" has passed the $200 million mark at the box office worldwide.

The film has pulled in $61 million domestically and more than $140 million overseas. That includes $27.2 million in Japan, $14.3 million in Great Britain and $12.1 million in Germany.

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Sony Pictures marketing and distribution boss Jeff Blake says the film is drawing repeat business worldwide from Jackson fans.

"This Is It" captures Jackson's final performances as he rehearsed for his aborted concert tour. The movie includes Jackson doing such hits as "Beat It," "Thriller," "Human Nature" and "Billie Jean."

Jackson died in June just weeks before his marathon of 50 concerts was to begin in London.