Jackson Doc: I Can't Afford Child Support

In this July 7, 2006 photo, Dr. Conrad Murray poses for a photo as he opens the Acres Homes Cardiovascular Center at the Tidwell Professional Building, in Houston. A woman who answered the phone Friday, June 26, 2009, at Dr. Conrad C. Murray's clinic in Houston confirmed to The Associated Press that Murray was Michael Jackson's cardiologist. Los Angeles police say they want to speak to the doctor but stressed he was not under criminal investigation. (AP Photo/Houston Chronicle) ** MANDATORY CREDIT: HOUSTON CHRONICLE **
AP Photo/Houston Chronicle
The doctor being investigated in Michael Jackson's death says he can't afford child support because he was forced to close his Nevada office after physical threats against him and his staff.

A family court in Las Vegas has set a Nov. 16 hearing to consider a hearing master's recommendation that Dr. Conrad Murray be arrested for not showing up to court earlier this month. Murray missed a hearing to explain $13,000 in unpaid child support to a California woman.

Jackson Doc: Pay Child Support or Do Time?

Murray's lawyer Chris Aaron says Murray didn't receive notice about the hearing and can't pay his debts because of threats and press coverage of the pop singer's death.

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Murray says in a signed affidavit dated Oct. 15 that he took a job as Jackson's personal physician to pay off the child support and other debts.