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"Jackass 3D" Star Johnny Knoxville Reveals New Sequel


Boys will be boys, and the guys behind "Jackass" are back, and this time they're bringing their antics to the third dimension.'s Ken Lombardi spoke with the stars of the film during the premiere (held at New York City's prestigous MOMA of all places) and asked Johnny Knoxville if "Jackass 3D" is even wilder than its predecessors.

"Everything's wilder and more intense," Knoxville pointed out. "Just the spirit of the guys was so much better. And the 3-D just puts you in the center of everything. Whatever stunt we're doing, you're in there. It's our best one."

Director Jeff Tremaine was also satisfied with the jump to 3-D. He said that, "3-D was made for Jackass. Directing these guys, it's like wrangling the chimps to do it in front of the cameras."

Tremaine has been with the team since its inception over a decade ago, and he says his bond with Johnny Knoxville still remains strong. The filmmaker noted that, "He and I just sit in the office and draw little sketches and pass them back and forth like little school girls handing each other notes and like, 'Oh, that's a good one. Let's do it.'"

Ehren McGhehey, also been a longtime member of the "Jackass" team, even lost a tooth in the movie...on purpose.

"We just ripped it out of my face. There was nothing wrong with it. It was a perfectly healthy tooth. And it broke my face a litle bit. But it was well worth it," McGhehy said during the premiere.

Toothaches aside, Knoxville promised even more installments of Jackass for the future. "We shot two films worth of footage," revealed Knoxville. "So there were so many great things that we had to cut out. With all the extra footage, it's going to come out in January with '3.5.' So once we start shooting, nobody wants to stop."

Certainly more cringe-worthy moments await.

"Jackass 3D" is now playing in theaters nationwide.