Jack McBrayer is not bad enough for "Breaking Bad"

(CBS News) Tuesday night's "Conan" featured a look at the new drug lord in town on "Breaking Bad." And he is anything but threatening, as the new villain is played by the goofiest, nicest guy you can imagine. That would be Jack McBrayer, best known as Kenneth on "30 Rock." Check out this hilarious spoof on Team Coco's website.

Not only can McBrayer not help giggling every time he attempts to be fierce or frightening, but he proceeds to play a game of catch with the "goods" that Walt tosses him. He won't stop tossing the blue bag back until he successfully catches it, which is definitely my favorite part.

McBrayer's obvious misplacement and silliness is only is only enhanced by the intimidating looks exchanged by Aaron Paul's Jesse and Bryan Cranston's Walt from an actual desert scene from the AMC show. And yeah, McBrayer is blatantly in front of a green screen, and it looks pretty fake, but it made me chuckle anyway.