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Jack LaLanne's Lasting Effects

The television was rarely on during the day when I was a kid back in the fifties. My mother didn't watch soap operas or game shows. She was too busy. We had a big family and between laundry and meals and keeping a spotless house there was little time for leisure. Incredibly when the TV did go on, it was to watch and exercise with Jack LaLanne. My mother was a vigorous robust person. Her work around the house would have exhausted anyone. Yet, several times a week she'd make room in her day....and room enough in front of the television to exercise. I was transfixed. And amused. It was funny then to see a mom work out. Long after Jack LaLanne's TV show went off the air, my mother -- by then in her 70s -- would pull out her Jack LaLanne workout sheet. And exercise. Jack LaLanne told her, and she believed it was key to a long life. He was right.

Fitness Guru Jack LaLanne, 96, Dies at Home

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