Jack Abramoff Documentary Exposes Infamous Washington Chapter

On Friday's edition of "Washington Unplugged," Bob Schieffer spoke with Academy-Award winning filmmaker Alex Gibney about his new documentary "Casino Jack and the United States of Money," a revealing look on how Jack Abramoff became the most infamous lobbyist in the history of Washington.

Gibney was joined by two men who were deeply embroiled in the Abramoff scandal, former Republican Rep. Bob Ney and his former chief of staff Neil Volz, both of whom collaborated in the making of the film, which opens nationwide on May 7th.

Gibney was motivated to make the film because the Abramoff affair "spoke to a fundamental problem in American government which is the influence of money in our political process."

Ney, who wound up going to jail for his involvement with Abramoff, was initially hesitant about helping with the prokect, but came around because of the direction that Gibney was pursuing.

"Part was my ability to share, not necessarily my story, but to share what happened and hopefully be part of a solution to it," he told Schieffer.

Volz added: "My involvement in the movie has been very therapeutic in terms of just hoping that, in some way, this can help undo some of the things that we've done."

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