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​J.P. and Ashley Rosenbaum on life after "The Bachelorette"

J.P. and Ashley Rosenbaum have settled into their lives in Miami and say they're enjoying life as first-time parents.

The couple, who got together on season 7 of "The Bachelorette," welcomed Fordham Rhys last fall -- and so far, so good.

"We moved to Miami back in July. It was an immediate stress relief doing that," J.P. told CBS News. "We have settled into a good rhythm where Ashley's just been taking care of Ford. She's going to be going back to work soon...My job is going well. We have our routine where life revolves around Ford. The transition was pretty seamless from New York to Miami. The hardest piece is just being away from being away from our family in the Northeast."

Read on to see what else they have to say about marriage, parenting and the current season of "The Bachelor:

On parenthood:

J.P.: "I know I'm jinxing it, but we're so lucky because he's so good. Everything -- when we were flying, he was good. When he gets up in the morning he's all smiles. We got it really good right now. We're loving every minute of it."

JP and Ashley Rosenbaum

On most surprising aspect of being a parent:

Ashley: "As a first-time mother -- not knowing exactly the right thing to do at a specific moment and feeling that mom-guilt. That is a real thing. It really weighed heavy on me."

J.P.: "I never thought of myself as a selfish person, but I like the things the way I like them. I never realized the time commitment involved with having a son. Life now revolves around him. There's no, 'Oh, I'm going to sit down and watch a hockey game. He comes first. And obviously I'm very happy to do it, but it is a total change in priority. It's life-changing."

On how they came up with Fordham's name:

Ashley: "We were driving through Manhattan one day and we were looking at the signs - like Lexington, Lincoln Tunnel. And then I saw Fordham University. And I was like 'I love that!' Fordham. We can call him Ford for short. It's a strong name. It's a power name. He has to be successful with a name like Ford, right?"

J.P.: "You know how difficult it is to name a baby? You gotta not be made fun of in junior high and high school and then you gotta be taken seriously as an adult. It's more difficult than it sounds."

On keeping Fordham healthy:

Ashley: "That's become a huge priority in our lives -- obviously with having a newborn. We live in Miami but J.P. still travels to New York. I'm always scared that he's going to bring something down here, especially during this crazy cold and flu season. I'm a little bit of a germaphobe, so I'm crazy about keeping things stocked in the house."

On recently teaming with Puffs:

Ashley: "We partnered with Puffs to help people put their best face forward during the cold and flu season to prevent the sniffles and red nose. So we got this fully stocked this season."

On if they want a second child:

J.P.: "Definitely. We want to keep them close in age, too. So a year, two years. It's being talked about."

On making their marriage work:

Ashley: "There's really no secret. It's kind of like in life. You meet some people, and sometimes it works out and sometimes it doesn't. For us, it just happened to work out in a crazy crazy scenario. The show is just a starting point for us. Our relationship actually blossomed in our reality."

On current season of "The Bachelor":

Ashley: "I feel like there's a lot of craziness going on right now. I like the end a little bit better. I think Chris [Soules] is just a nice, down-to-earth guy and he's going to go for somebody similar to him. Someone who's flying under the radar."

J.P.: "I like the crazy first weeks where people are kind of making asses out of themselves. There are the insane ones and the quiet ones. I like the crazy ones. But I don't get invested until Chris is really invested. Right now you're sifting through the insanity to get to the true love sort to speak."

On if they'd do another TV series:

J.P.: "Most likely not...You never know what's going to happen. But we are very focused on our careers. There are no immediate plans. We've been asked to do a lot of things, but they're just not good fits."

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