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Iverson Tells Falk To Take Walk

Allen Iverson fired David Falk as his agent and is said to be interested in having Magic Johnson represent him.

The Philadelphia 76ers star, who has been unhappy with Falk for some time, would not confirm reports that he would soon sign with Johnson, who has become an agent in collaboration with the William Morris Agency.

"I'm getting ready to go with the best marketing people," Iverson told The Philadelphia Inquirer in Tuesday's editions. "I want to see what's up with Magic. ... I'll be looking at him and a couple of other people."

Iverson's lawyers drew up papers to dismiss Falk and had them sent to Falk Associates Management Enterprise on Friday. Iverson declined to release any other details.

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Neither Falk nor Johnson was available for comment.

In January, Iverson signed a six-year, $70.9 million contract extension with the 76ers.

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