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Ivanka Trump tries her hand at welding

Ivanka Trump shuts down her clothing line
Ivanka Trump shuts down her clothing line 07:43

Ivanka Trump is in Illinois this week, where she's promoting worker training — including welding, real and virtual. The president's elder daughter and top aide posted about her travels on her Instagram stories Wednesday, including a shot of her holding a welding helmet.  

Ivanka Trump takes a look at welding materials in Illinois. Instagram screenshot

Ivanka Trump took part in a round-table discussion at Lewis and Clark Community College in Godfrey, Illinois. The Trump daughter, who is shutting down her own fashion brand, has made workforce development a key piece of her policy portfolio. 

In the roundtable, she touted the unemployment figures under her father's administration, but pointed out that some employers are still struggling to fill vacancies. 

"There's a skills mismatch that exists," she said at the roundtable. "And so, what can we do about it? Well I think as a federal government we're not very good typically, at training, but we can leverage the knowledge of the private sector, and we can say, 'be our partner.'"

The eldest Trump daughter tested out virtual welding, too.

Ivanka Trump in Illinois. Instagram screenshot

Ivanka Trump weighs in occasionally on aspects of her father's administration she finds concerning — for instance, when the Trump administration was separating parents and children at the border. Although she didn't weigh in publicly before the president signed an executive order reversing course, she did petition him privately, according to Mr. Trump, and later called the separations a "low point" for her.

Ivanka Trump at a workforce development event in Illinois. Instagram screenshot
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