Ivanka Trump Sparkles With Jewelry Line

Many people recognize Ivanka Trump as the daughter of famous parents, real estate billionaire Donald Trump and international jetsetter Ivana Trump.

But she has also made a name for herself, briefly as a model and more recently as a businesswoman with the family company. Now she's launching a project of her own, a jewelry line that bears her name. It was a chance for her to combine her business expertise with her love for all that sparkles.

"My mother, she's always loved jewelry," Trump told The Early Show co-anchor Julie Chen. "That's something she definitely passed on to me. I never thought of it as a business. I always thought of it as just for fun, but it's great when you can combine those two things."

Trump, 25, opened her first boutique on 62nd Street and Madison Avenue and will soon be opening boutiques in Las Vegas and Japan. The inspiration for this very expensive jewelry line is none other than her mother.

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"Much to the chagrin of my father and all subsequent boyfriends of my mother, she's always loved jewelry," Trump said. "That's something she definitely passed on to me."

Trump's pieces range in price $750 to several million dollars. The line contains engagement rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets. She showed Chen a white agate cocktail ring that costs around $4,000, as well as an engagement ring that cost $2.5 million.

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"I have been having fun with the design pieces," she said. "We did a lot with tassels, so the earrings I'm wearing are part of our collection. We (went) with a diamond necklace bracelet over there. It's what appeals to my mother's friends, my age friends, really across the spectrum. There's really a range within our line, and we wanted that so that everyone of all ages could really afford our pieces."

Trump, who was recently featured on a sexy cover of Harper's Bizarre, is also moving up in her father's company. She was recently named director of Trump gaming company in Atlantic City. She also serves as the vice president of development and acquisitions and enjoys her roles as business mogul and sex symbol.

"Now that I have my feet wet, or my whole body wet, I'm much more confident," she said. "I can have a little fun with that duality and do something like take a picture like that without being too self-conscious."

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