It's time to book your travel for 2013

(CBS News) If you're thinking of taking a vacation this year, the cost is likely a big concern. With airline tickets on the rise, the key to getting your money's worth is not only where you go, but when.

Travel editor Peter Greenberg has the inside track on when you can get the best deals to the places on your travel wish list.

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January is always a great time to travel because most people don't -- everyone is still trying to recover from the holidays. And what better place to go in the dead of winter than Hawaii?

"Normally, you could spend $2,000 or $3,000 on a trip to Hawaii," he said. "We're seeing airfares as low as $279 from Los Angeles."

And if you go through a travel company like Pleasant Holidays, you can get a package deal -- with airfare and hotel -- for under $1,300.

If January doesn't work with your schedule, or if you're not looking for a warm-weather destination, how about Vermont, in March?

Greenberg said it's the best time to go because it's still ski season but the price of the lift tickets goes down. And if the slopes don't tempt you, you can always visit Cabot Creamery for some cheese.

"They have 15 different kinds of... just cheddar," he said. "But my favorite? Horseradish cheddar. You want spicy...?"

May is the month to take an Alaskan cruise because fares are almost half the rate they are in July or August, because it's still off-season. Also, when you hit the port, you won't be crowded out by long lines of people from other ships.

"I'm a big fan of the off-season," he said. "When people tell me they don't want to go someplace because it's the off-season... that's exactly why you go! It's not crowded."

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