It's Kosher At The Zoo!!

Matzah is a special flat bread for Jews at Passover, but what does that have to do with elephants? Well, in Jerusalem there is a zoo where animals have been observing Passover as well.

Strictly traditional Jews avoid all contact with leavened bread in any form during that eight-day holiday, so when the zookeeper leads the elephants to their enclosure they just may get matzah.

Kosher laws were written for people, not for the passengers on Noah's ark, but for the serious orthodox, the main problem comes where the children can feed the animals by hand.

"Some of the birds that get a little extra bread, the monkey, all of those animals during Passover don't get any bread." Said Itzik Yahid the Head Zookeeper of Jerusalem Biblical Zoo in an interview with CBS News Correspondent Jesse Schulman.

So if the zoo wants their business, even the animals have to do things "by the book."

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