It's In The Stars

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A new year is at hand, and that means new planetary alignments for 2006. Celebrity astrologer Susan Miller joins The Early Show Friday to discuss some of her astrological predictions for the upcoming year.


Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie says Miller, are "just heaven. He's a Sagittarius, she's Gemini, and they're just heavenly together. Saturn was just in opposition to his four planets in Capricorn, which signified that he wanted kids desperately, and Jennifer Aniston didn't realize how much this meant to him, and she delayed having children as she nurtured her career. Angelina provides him with the children he so badly wants. They will make the most amazing family."

She says Jolie will eventually stop acting and focus on her work as a goodwill ambassador. "She has Cancer rising," Miller notes, "which means she values home and family more than anything else. Although the media portray her as a home wrecker, she's really not. She is devoted to the idea of family."

Miller advises also that the planets indicate it would be especially wise for Pitt and Jolie to marry in June.

Jennifer Aniston: Love is not in the stars for this actress for the next three years. "She has a fabulous friendship with Vince (Vaughn), but it's not marriage material." The good news is that her career and money potential are through the roof in 2006, so she'll do fine financially and with acclaim.

Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson: Miller says this split is very sad. "She's Cancer, he's Scorpio. It is such a good match. I haven't written them off. They were so right for each other. What broke them up was that she was shooting so far ahead of him in her career, he was in the slumps with his career. But as a Scorpio, he's going into the best year of his life. He can expect huge changes for the better with his career. Jessica really wanted him to stay, but they were not on the same page with their professional lives, which led to the tension. The issue now is that Cancer has fabulous love aspects in 2006, and Jessica could meet someone else." Still, Miller says, she wouldn't be surprised if these two found their way back to one another at some point.

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes: "I cannot understand this relationship," Miller says. "There are no links in their chart, no passion. I don't know how it happened. There are pressure points that will come up. She's Sagittarius, he's Cancer ... Sagittarius usually hurts Cancer's feelings by being too direct. The birth of their baby, sadly, could add further stress to their relationship."


Aries: Fine financial aspects for a large settlement, bonus or other windfall. More serious attitude about love, too.

Taurus: Great marriage aspects. Any twosome venture, even in business, will glow. Young Taurus may buy a first house or condo.

Gemini: Health and fitness glow. The year to lose weight and get super fit. At work, lots of plum assignments. If self-employed, business takes off.

Cancer: Love glitters. Best aspects of entire zodiac for romance. Married Cancers may expect a baby or feel proud of something a present child does this year.

Leo: A big year for making huge life decisions that will remain for 20 years or more. Benefits in regard to any real estate, whether to buy or lease. Help from parents, too. Sign most likely to slim down because they will be so very busy — no time to eat!

Virgo: Benefits by improving and advancing writing, speaking, lecturing skills. Fun travel. May have things to sort out with a partner.

Libra: Fantastic money year — money is earned as salary, not won as a prize or given as a gift.

Scorpio: The celestial favorite. Best aspects in more than 12 years. A year for wishes to come true. At work, the big promotion comes in late July or August. Don't be on vacation.

Sagittarius: Gains from matriculating at a college. Possible move and new job in 2006.

Capricorn: Friendships expand enormously and show area of greatest growth. Charity and humanitarian efforts bring applause.

Aquarius: Fantastic career prospects, the best in a decade. Watch November.

Pisces: Long-distance travel, new ties, markets with those abroad. Many exciting changes.