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It's Energy Freedom Eve


There were some who thought the day would never come. Yet here we are on the eve of Energy Freedom Day. 

Months ago, backers of offshore drilling dubbed October first Energy Freedom Day because it marked the moment that the moratoria expired, unless renewed by Congress. Democrats folded, but have vowed to fight again when the next president takes over. 

In the meantime, don't expect rigs to appear on the beach tomorrow. Even if the ban isn't brought back, getting a lease to begin drilling will take years. It's something House Republicans haven't forgotten.

"It took us 27 years to lift the ban on exploring for these abundant energy resources, and it’ll take us another 27 years to produce them if we don’t take serious steps to streamline the bureaucracy and bring about some real legal reform," said Chris Tucker, a spokesman for Minority Whip Roy Blunt (R-Mo.). "Whether they know it or not, millions of Americans tonight will find themselves one step closer to getting their hands on massive reserves of homegrown energy – energy to which every American owns a rightful claim. Unfortunately, whether they know it or not, armies of lawyers are gearing up right now to ensure that progress gets no further."

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