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It's Chris Tucker's Hour

These are heady hours for young comedian and actor Chris Tucker, who stars in Rush Hour, the top movie in the U.S. for the past two weeks. Tucker talked about it Thursday with CBS 'This Morning' Co-Anchor Mark McEwen.

Rush Hour co-stars Tucker and Asian marital arts star Jackie Chan, and Tucker says the two communicated well:
"We would go down to the set even when I wasn't filming, to watch him do his thing. He taught me some breathing techniques and stuff."

Tucker claims that he had a thing or two to teach international martial arts star Chan, too: "He really didn't know that good of kung fu, karate," Tucker says. "So I had to teach him a little of my style, called 'Black Chi.' I had to teach Jackie how to dance. The boy didn't know how to dance. He just didn't know; he didn't know nothing."

The next big role for Tucker, though, is fatherhood:
"Every night, it's gonna be like I'm on a camping trip, and tigers all around me. I'll be waking up every three seconds because babies don't let you sleep."

Tucker was just a baby himself when his idols, Richard Pryor and Eddie Murphy, reached mainstream movie comedy stardom: "Eddie Murphy was definitely a big influence on me. Richard Pryor was an influence on Eddie. It's a compliment just to be in the same category with those guys."

And, Tucker had some free, if a bit fanciful, advice for President Clinton: "He came to my house in LA. I said, 'Bill, don't worry about it, man. Don't worry about it.' Then we went to a club and hung out a little bit."

Tucker's next feature will offer him an opportunity to work with Mariah Carey in Double O Soul. In the future, Tucker says he wants to do movies that make you cry as well as make you laugh.

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