It's another baby boy for Josh and Anna Duggar

There's a new dude being added to the Duggar brood.

Josh and Anna Duggar have announced they are expecting a boy, after previously revealing in Marchthat they were expecting their third child.

The "19 Kids & Counting" reality stars found out the sex of their baby with the rest of their family and with a little help from the reality show's crew.

"We didn't know the results," Josh, 25, told the People. "But we gave them [from the doctor] to the sound guy, Jim, and he planned out this very unique reveal. It caught us off guard in a time and place we least expected."

Josh and Anna say that, like Josh's parents Jim Bob and Michelle, they are willing and ready to having as many children as "God gives us."

"It is not about having a bunch of babies. It is about enjoying each child God has given you and focus on every day that you get with your child," Anna, 25, said."I am so thankful for our children."

And Josh adds that although they are already parents to daughter Mackynzie, 3, and son Michael, 21 months, each baby is completely new to them. "Oh yeah, we have this all figured out," Josh told People with a laugh. "No. The most seasoned parents will confess their inadequacy. Each child is so unique and so different. It is just amazing."

Of course, there's always Jim Bob and Michelle to turn to for advice.