It's All TV To Me

(AP Photo/Gerry Broome)
Anyone curious about the future of television news, or television itself for that matter, should go check out this neat video put together by our old friend Jeff Jarvis. In it, Jarvis looks at the old way of doing television and the new. The old way is demonstrated with a behind-the scenes look at recent experiences Jarvis had with ABC News and PBS's "Frontline."

Here Jarvis provides a look at just how much work goes into an interview for broadcast news – the four technicians, the set-up time (a three-camera shoot) and all the waiting which accompanies such productions. Then, we see Jarvis shooting some "b-roll" for "Frontline," which is actually just staged reality. You know all those images of someone walking down the street, sitting at a desk working or seemingly going about their normal business you see on the news? Surprise, they're really just staged for editing purposes.

Lastly, Jarvis takes us to see how is now doing live TV on its Website – using just one computer. As Jarvis notes about his own video production, it's fairly limited and simple and not nearly up to traditional broadcast standards – but "it's still TV." It makes one wonder how long it will be before that kind of television news becomes the new normal.