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Israel's opportunity to get ahead in Egypt

In the days after the successful removal of Hosni Mubarak I asked a number of Egyptians what this meant for Israel. Basically they said, 'Once we build our new country, Israel will not be surprised to hear'....the new Egypt is not a fan. I kept thinking Israel has an opportunity here. To get in front of the curve. Or at least try to catch up to the history that's being made in its neighborhood. In other words get back to the bargaining table with the Palestinians. Well time and history are not waiting. Israel woke up this week to the news that Fatah, the moderate version of Palestinian government had made a deal to join up with Hamas the controller of Gaza and staunch opponent to Israel's very existence. Is Fatah becoming more militant? Is Hamas moderating? More than anything this shows the now united Palestinians are determined to attain statehood sooner rather than later.

Just a minute. I'm Harry Smith, CBS News.