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Israel wants Indian menswear shop Hitler renamed

(AP) NEW DELHI - Israel has complained to the Indian state of Gujarat about a menswear shop there named "Hitler."

Israel's consul general to the city of Mumbai, Orna Sagiv, says she asked state officials Monday to intervene to help get the store's name changed.

She said she tried to explain to them "how grave and serious the issue is."

The shop opened last month with a huge sign reading "Hitler" and a Nazi swastika inside the dot in the letter "i."

Rajesh Shah, one of the two owners of the Hitler clothing store, displays his business card at his shop in Ahmedabad, August 28, 2012. SAM PANTHAKY/AFP/Getty Images

The owner said he didn't know about Hitler's history when the name was suggested by his partner, whose stern grandfather was nicknamed Hitler.

The Nazi dictator who led the extermination of Jews in World War II Europe is a subject of routine fascination in India.