ISP: Brothel Owner On Paul

On today's show: Dennis Hof on his 2008 endorsement; no more minding the gap; and the fastest clapper.

Our readers raised some interesting questions throughout the day about both Dennis Hof's endorsement of Ron Paul and the media coverage that followed it. I wanted to take some of those issues directly to Mr. Hof, the owner of the Moonlight Bunny Ranch in Nevada.

We spoke by phone earlier, and I included in today's video the three most important questions—influenced by those of you who read and commented on this blog.

First of all, I wanted to know why a man who owns a brothel would want to endorse a conservative Republican or Libertarian in the first place. Politics makes for strange bedfellows, for sure. But on the surface, it seemed odd.

Mr. Hof explained that MSNBC host Tucker Carlson brought him to a Paul 2008 event as a guest. He admitted that he knew very little about the Texas congressman before his friend Mr. Carlson invited him. This was a great opportunity to ask Hof a question from one of the readers, wgaryjohnson, who expressed his feeling that this was some sort of "set up" by Tucker Carlson.

I asked Dennis Hof if this was a publicity stunt, or if he was in any way used by Mr. Carlson. He assured me that he was not, and that he came to his decision to endorse Ron Paul only after hearing him speak. Hof specifically cited Paul's libertarian beliefs in state rights as support for the decision.

Finally, the big question that many of you brought up: Doesn't this kind attention actually detract from Ron Paul's campaign? Why would anyone want to make national headlines for an endorsement from a brothel?

Dennis Hof's answer will surprise you. Be sure to watch!

And thank you once again for all the feedback and page views. I'm satisfied that we can put this brothel story to bed, no pun intended.

Also today, if you've ever been to London you certainly have heard "Mind the Gap" a time or two, or at least seen the T-Shirts and mugs bearing that signature slogan of the London Underground. The "Tube" as it is called.

Well, the voice of the Underground has been silenced. Emma Clarke was fired for telling a British newspaper that the Tube is "dreadful." I've taken it. It is, but I don't work for it. As it turns out, she's got her own website with tons of parody recordings, things she wishes she could have said on the Tube. It's pretty rich. Check it out.

Finally, for no reason at all, check out this video of a man who holds the world record for clapping. Kevin French claps up to 721 times in a minute.

Keep the comments and ideas coming. I like this collaborative effort!