ISP: Bill Maher's Meltdown

On today's show: Maher takes on 9/11 conspiracies; a Larry Craig costume; and Snowball the dancing cockatoo.

It's a Monday Link-a-Palooza.

Bill Maher lost it on a 9/11 "truther" during his Friday show. It's one of the hottest videos online right now.

Learn more about current conspiracy theories here.

Need a Halloween costume? This site has free Larry Craig mugshots for download. Throw on a suit, and you've got a cheap and easy look for parties.

I love this bird. His name is Snowball, and he dances and sings along to Backstreet Boys music. It sounds hard to believe until you see the video. He really does dance!

Snowball was rescued by an organization called Bird Lovers Only. Their blog has more videos of Snowball, and lots of information about avian rescue projects.