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Isn't It Just A Game?

For every action there is a reaction. But the real question is, does every action deserve a reaction?

After watching the ninth inning of Game 4 between the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox - where fans decided to show their frustration with questionable calls by tossing bottles, cups and basically anything they could find at the Yankees - one must wonder, What Are People Thinking? This is not an isolated incident, nor is it just the fans that react in such a barbaric manner. But it is becoming a serious problem that must be confronted. After all, isn't it just a game?

What ever happened to respect? Fans once respected and appreciated greatness, whether it came from their home team or the visitors. Just a couple of weeks ago NFL great Michael Irvin was temporarily paralyzed by a collision in a Dallas Cowboys - Philadelphia Eagles match-up. When Irvin was carried off the field by a stretcher, the Eagles fans were cheering. Cheering because Irvin was out of the game. Denver Broncos veteran Dale Carter was hit by a metal object after a loss to the New York Jets this season at Mile High Stadium. The object nearly blinded the cornerback. Why? The team was 0-4. How soon does the fan forget - the Broncos had just won back-to-back Super Bowls!

Maybe a questionnaire should be handed out to all fans and players involved in a game or event.

For the fan: What should you do when your team is losing and the official just made a horrible call?
A. Pick up the nearest object and try to severely injure the official or the visiting team.
B. Start yelling obscenities at everyone, not noticing the 12-year-old child sitting behind you.
C. Just briefly show your disapproval and start energizing your team with louder cheers.

For the player: What should you do when fans are yelling obscenities at you throughout a game?
A. Leave the bench and attack the group that is yelling at you.
B. Give the fans the bird while spitting - maybe hitting a young child in the process.
C. Laugh it off - probably because you are making about $10 million more a year than the idiot yelling at you.

Let's face it, if your team has lost ten games in a row, are you going to lose your job? Not unless you work for that team. And the players n that losing team should be worrying about losing their jobs and not worrying about the actions around the stadiums.

The Bombers beat the Red Sox 6-1 in Game 5 Monday night. And because of Sunday night's fiasco, everyone wants to get back to the Bronx and Yankee Stadium - how ironic is that?

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