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Islamic State Of Iraq Claims It Has Chemical Warhead Missiles Capable Of Reaching Israel

Al-Qaeda-led Islamic State of Iraq claims it possesses missiles with chemical warheads and said its "engineers" developed long-range missiles capable of reaching Tel Aviv. The claim came in a new propaganda video marking the second anniversary of the creation of the group. The one hour 15 minute tape outlines the various stages that led to the establishment of the group and the "achievements" accomplished during the two years of its existence.

The video showed a mix of old and new videos, including some operations against U.S. and Iraqi forces, as well as awakening council's militias. One militant with a blurred face appearing in one of the videos was identified as the suicide bomber who carried out the attack that killed Sheikh Abdul Sattar Abu Risha, former leader of the Iraqi Sunni Arab awakening councils. The video also included excepts from old statements by al-Qaeda chief Osama bin laden and other al Qaeda figures, as well as members of the Iraqi government.

Many young militants were featured in the video and a group of them attending a junior's training camp was seen pledging allegiance to Abu Omar al-Baghdadi on camera.

The video also highlighted the group's social work and showed operatives distributing sweets and little gifts to children, food coupons to the poor and fixing roads and building bridges.