ISI Video Shows Attack on Military Vehicle in Iraq

A short video posted on militant Islamist websites by the Islamic State of Iraq's media wing, al Furqan, today shows a military vehicle exploding. The group claims the attack took place in Nenoy in al Mosul. The 1:20-minute video is shot from afar and is accompanied by the jihadi songs often used by al Qaeda and other militant groups in their propaganda videos. The voice of Abu Hamza al Muhajer, the head of al Qaeda in Iraq and the so-called "war minister" of the Islamic State of Iraq, is also heard on the tape. The video is part of a series that the group calls "Hell of the Romans and the Apostates in the Land of the two Rivers."

"The Islamic State of Iraq" was established in October of 2006 by a group of Sunni Iraqi insurgent groups led by the Mujahideen Shurah Council. It is led by Abu Omar al Baghdadi.