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Is Your PC Prepared for Y2K?

Depending upon the age of your computer and software you use, the Year 2000 computer bug could cause big problems, minor annoyances or no real difficulty at all. If you just surf the net and play games, it will be no big deal. But even then, if you have an older bios that controls the clock in your PC, you could wind up with the wrong date on your email. But there are other applications that could cause more significant problems. One of the products out there to help you fix and work around them is Symantec's Norton 2000. Product manager Dana Prussoff ....

"It is aimed at the user who does anything that is going to do any date calculations. So if they are using any financial software, if they are doing any stock transactions, if they're using any calendar programs, if they're using genealogy software. Things like that. Anything that's going to have dates in it."
Norton 2000 will track the potential problems down so you can manually fix them.

"We do make suggestions as to what should be done, but we don't automatically do it."

The CD ROM includes software to test and fix your bios, the thing that controls the clock, as well. In fact you can download that program for free from

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