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Is Virginia The NEXT Florida?

(CBS EyeMoblie)
(CBS EyeMoblie)

We saw this one coming.

In a state where the NAACP had already filed a lawsuit (which was dismissed) over problems with early voting, Election Day is now being described by watchdogs as "a mess."

Reports are coming in from election protection groups suggesting that Virginia, a key battleground state, is in pretty bad shape, with 20 plus cities and counties already having serious problems: machines breaking down, substituted paper ballots being stuffed into suitcases, boxes and duffle bags (poll officials telling voters they will be counted later), unbearably long lines, frustrated voters walking away. This has some voters worrying that their votes won't be counted.

There is also the broader problem of people being given provisional ballots, NOT emergency ballots when machines malfunction, especially in the Richmond area. This may mean their votes are not counted today. The CBS News I-Unit is on the ground in Richmond at the moment – we will continue to pay special attention to this state.

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