Is this the new world record for highest standing jump?

(CBS News) While many of us are avidly watching the Olympics right now, the world-wide event well-known for smashing records left and right every four years, a new world record may have just been created right here on the Internet for the highest standing jump. Okay, posted right here on the Internet, but you know what I mean.  Look, let's stop quibbling over the way I phrased that and just check out the awesome above video, okay?

Color us impressed!  The seemingly-impossible jump of an alleged 64 inches was done by one "Coach Kevin B" from Cream City Crossfit and posted by YouTube user uberbania who writes:

Performed at CrossFit Lake Country, Hartland, WI, thanks to Travis and the athletes and coaches at CrossFit Lake Country for the support and letting me be a part of the group, you guys are great.

Current Guinness World Record for Highest Standing Jump is 58.27" by Jonas Huusom of Denmark, set in August 2011.

The video leads to some obvious questions, such as is this going to be the new world record in highest standing jump? And can your blogger here even jump half of that incredible height? (Spoilers: possibly and probably not).  Props go out to "Coach Kevin B" from all of us here at The Feed for this amazing athletic feat!