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Is this Blake Griffin commercial proof of "Space Jam 2?"

A new video that came out on Youtube Aug. 4 is leading many people to believe that "Space Jam 2" is imminent.

In the advertisement, basketball star Blake Griffin takes on Marvin the Martian in a "dunk to end all dunks" contest, with the winner taking Earth. Bugs Bunny shows up with some new shoes, the "Super.Fly 4s," and suddenly Griffin is superhuman. Watch:

Besides his blatant traveling, Griffin's final dunk is pretty epic.

So is this proof of a second "Space Jam" movie?

Rumors have swirled across the internet for years but are coming to a peak. LeBron James, the clear candidate to replace Jordan, just signed a content-creation partnership with Warner Bros. studios, who also just filed for three "Space Jam" trademarks. Was James' performance in "Trainwreck" a test of his big-screen abilities?

The plot thickens with this new advertisement for Super.Fly 4, new Jordans from Nike. The shoe colors are black, green and orange, obviously a throwback to the original movie poster.

Conspiracies abound. Commenters wonder if this Jordan tribute commercial, which aired in May, is Warner Bros. animators practicing some basketball animations.

It's hard to tell whether this is all just a giant marketing stunt by Warner Bros. to hype a second movie or just a marketing stunt to sell shoes to rabid fans.

Nearly 20 years after the original "Space Jam," it's about time we had a rematch.

Tell us what you think in the comments, as well as how badly do you want a "Space Jam 2"?

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