Is Reality "Bachelor" Brad Womack Hiding Criminal Past? Report Says He Was Arrested Multiple Times

Brad Womack (Texas Department of Public Safety)
"Bachelor" Brad Womack Hid Criminal Past Under a Different Name
Brad Womack (Texas Department of Public Safety)

NEW YORK (CBS) ABC-TV's returning "Bachelor" Brad Womack got a second chance at finding love, but will the ladies give Womack a second chance, when they find out the 38-year-old hearthtrob has fought the law - and the law won?

Womack, a bar owner from Austin, Texas, has not one, not two, but three prior run-ins with authorities in his home state, according to Radar Online.

Womack was arrested in 1993 for carrying a forged driver's license, reports Radar. He was also busted for passing a bad check and public intoxication, according to the gossip website.

At the time, Womack used the last name of his then-stepfather Charles Pickelsimer.  Womack's mug shot was updated in 2009 and is on record with the Texas Department of Public Safety in Austin, which monitors the state's criminal convictions, reports Radar.

Womack notably turned down DeAnna Pappas and Jenni Croft in the finale of  season 11 of "The Bachelor" in 2007.