Is Palin preparing for a 2012 run?

Earlier this week, Real Clear Politics' Scott Conroy broke news that Former GOP Vice Presidential Nominee Sarah Palin is heading back to Iowa in September, sparking speculation that she is planning a 2012 presidential run. CBS News senior political producer Rob Hendin sat down with Conroy to discuss the chances of a 2012 Palin presidential campaign.

"A campaign is at least still possible, if not likely," said Conroy.

Though Palin has been off the radar recently, Conroy warns not to discount her yet.

"I'm told that she's basically been immersing herself in policy and studying up," he said of her absence.

As for husband Todd Palin, Conroy notes that he "seemed very gung-ho" about the idea of a 2012 presidential run.

Watch the video on the left to see more of what Conroy had to say about a 2012 Palin presidential campaign.