Is Miley Cyrus engaged to Liam Hemsworth?

Is Miley Cyrus engaged?

The pop star posted a selfie on Instagram, showing off a large rock on her ring finger.

Adding to the intrigue? The ring looks very much like the ring that ex-fiance Liam Hemsworth gave to her when the two were engaged.

Cyrus and Hemsworth have been spotted together recently, sparking rumors that they are a couple again.

Earlier in January, a source told ET that the two were spotted kissing and huggingat the Falls Music & Arts Festival at Byron Bay on Saturday in Liam's home country of Australia.

Cyrus and Hemsworth met on the set of "The Last Song" in 2010; the two were engaged in May 2012, but the couple broke up in September 2013.

Take a look at a photo of Cyrus' ring in 2012 in the below photo, then look at her ring from Monday's Instagram post. Do you think it's the same? She claimed in 2013 that she lost the ring.


Miley Cyrus' engagement ring in 2013.

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