Is Lindsay Lohan dressed appropriately for court? (POLL)

Lindsay Lohan leaves Los Angeles Airport Courthouse, March 10, 2011. AP

(CBS) Lindsay Lohan's court wardrobe choices have garnered as much attention as the reason she's due in court: She's pleaded not guilty to stealing a $2500 necklace.

Lohan was due to arrive at 8:30 a.m. in Los Angeles, but arrived about 35 minutes late. (E! Online speculated a miscommunication between Lohan and her legal team.)

When she arrived at the courthouse, she wore a long-sleeved tan dress paired with black tights and black booties.

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At Lohan's first court appearance on Feb. 9, she wore a short, form-fitting white knit dress by Kimberly Ovitz, black heels and large sunglasses.

At her Feb. 23 court appearance she wore a low-cut black top with white pants. Both outfits had people asking, "Is that appropriate?"

The Ovitz dress sold out online. Appropriate or not, it was a hit.