IRS Comes Knocking … for Four Cents

With tax season reaching its peak, the IRS is looking for every cent it's owed … literally.

A Sacramento car wash owner found that out when two representatives from the Internal Revenue Service showed up to collect four cents - four cents - in unpaid taxes.

"[They] came into the car wash, handed my manager a bill, and it was from the IRS," Aaron Zeff, the owner of Harv's Metro Car Wash, told CBS station KOVR. "The amount was four cents, four pennies."

In truth, after three years of penalties and fees, the four cents actually ballooned to more than $200, but the bill still prompted some laughter.

"This is more like a parking ticket," Zeff said.

Still, the car wash feels it doesn't owe anything. Attorney Ashley West said the IRS sent the business a letter in October indicating it had filed all required taxes and owed no money.

"It was a surprise to us that they came on site and surprise to us we didn't receive and correspondence related to it," West told KOVR.

While the situation awaits resolution, Zeff continues to have fun with his tax bill. The car wash is planning a special promotion for customers who pay their taxes on time - four-cent car washes.