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"Iron Man: A Film by Mark Wahlberg" parody trailer

(CBS News) There is definitely a distinctive style to Mark Wahlberg's movies and acting. And this parody trailer created by Official Comedy, entitled "Iron Man: A Film by Mark Wahlberg," captures it perfectly. Check out the video above which re-imagines Tony Stark as a Red Sox-obsessed auto mechanic living in Boston (of course).

Not only does the actor in the clip do a perfect impression of Wahlberg down to the inflection of his voice, but he apparently speaks in adapted dialogue from actual Wahlberg movies, such as "The Fighter" and "The Departed." And be forewarned, like any good South Boston-set film, F-bombs are dropped like gangbusters (albeit bleeped out, but definitely, purposefully abundant). Official Comedy had this to say about the trailer:

When Ben Affleck was announced as the new Batman the Internet was pissed. But when Mark Wahlberg announced he wanted to take over Iron Man nobody noticed. So he made this wicked awesome reboot trailer to show how an Iron Man set in Boston would be the best movie ever made. Watch him battle The Mandarin and Obadiah Stane while trying to save Pepper and Fenway Park.

Wahlberg did recently vaguely mention having an interest in suiting up as Iron Man. Last month he told Yahoo UK: "I would like to take over the "Iron Man" franchise for Robert Downey." He added, "It's one of those things where I kind of like playing real people, [so] I've never been asked."

Now if he could only get Sean Penn involved and Jack Nicholson as the bad guy, Wahlberg may have something.