Irate football dad arrested after biting 2 cops

A man was arrested after a he bit two officers and resisted arrest at a pee-wee football game Saturday, Aug. 20, 2011.

INDIANAPOLIS - An Indianapolis man upset at a youth football game bit two police officers.

Indianapolis Metro police say 27-year-old Dejuan Wells faces two felony counts each of battery and resisting arrest and misdemeanor counts of trespassing and disorderly conduct after his arrest Saturday on the city's southeast side.

WXIN reported that Wells, a parent of one of the players, was upset by the game-winning touchdown, yelling at the officials who allowed the play.

Police say Wells rushed onto the field yelling profanities and was asked by the football league's commissioner to leave. When he made threats, several off-duty police officers approached him, and Detective Scott Childrens first asked him to leave and then tried to arrest him. Wells bit him on an upper arm, and when Officer Tyneka Poland went to help Childers, Wells bit one of her fingers.

The officer dealing with Wells ordered him to leave or else he would be arrested, WISH reports. Wells then said profane words to the officer and also said, "You can't arrest me" before clenching his fist.

The officers received medical treatment.

Online Marion County Jail information doesn't say if Wells has an attorney.