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Iraqi Militant Army Release New Attack Video

(Naqshabandiya Way Army )
The Iraqi militant group Naqshabandiya Way Army released today its 13th compilation video of attacks carried out against US forces across Iraq. The 42-minute-tape features new, as well as previously seen attacks.
The opening shots of the video show the group's members undergoing training at a camp. Women took part in the training as well.
The group also shows a camera hidden inside a dummy rock seized by a reconnaissance team and warned other militants that U.S. was using such devices to uncover those planting roadside bombs on highways.
The Army of al Naqshabandia Way is an active insurgent group in Iraq that's targeting both coalition and Iraqi government forces. In their statement of foundation, the group said it sought to restore the Islamic and Arab identity of Iraq and expressed willingness to negotiate with U.S. forces through intermediaries.