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Iraqi Insurgent Group Sends Message to Obama

The spokesperson for Iraqi insurgent group The Islamic Army in Iraq (ISI) said U.S. President Barack Obama can choose between withdrawing from Iraq and thus enjoying friendly relations with Iraq and other Arab countries and facing a vicious war that would drain the U.S. even more and enable Iran to strengthen its presence in the country.

Ali al Noeimy addressed the U.S. president in a 22-minute tape released on militant Islamist Internet forums by The Islamic Army in Iraq on Monday.

Al Noeimy started his message by analyzing the situation. "The single superpower status that America has strived to maintain for decades is now gone. America has lost its global leadership, its economy has collapsed and became casualty of the credit crunch, it gave other countries the chance to rebel against it and it is no longer capable of supporting its allies," he said.

Al Noeimy accused former U.S. President George W. Bush of offering Iraq to the Iranians on a silver platter "without needing to fire a single bullet."

"The arrogance and stupidity of the previous administration is what gave Iran today enough influence that could enable it to control Iraqi oil sources without spending a single dollar, or firing a single bullet," said al Noeimy.

Al Noeimy was however optimistic about how things could be different under President Obama's leadership.

"We look with eager anticipation to your decisions and your statements and also to your speech before the Turkish parliament. This shows us that you are at the beginning of the road so don't break your promises to the American people or to the other people," he said.