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Iraqi Group Release 'U.S. Copters' Crash' Video

(Al Naqshabandiyah Army)
The Iraqi insurgent group Al Naqshabandiyah Army released a 14-minute video that establishes the group's direct responsibility for downing two U.S. helicopters on the night of the 25th of January. The video included night pictures of missiles flashing in the dark skies with the sound of helicopters heard in the background.

This was followed by distant wide shots of two helicopters flying low over the area where the two Blackhawks had allegedly crashed. The group claims U.S. forces on the ground tried to "wipe out all evidence of the group's achievement."

The video closed with pictures of what the group said was debris from the two helicopters, but it none of the parts shown in the video looked like they belonged to a helicopter.

Al Naqshabandiyah said 21 U.S. soldiers had been killed during this attack and not just four as claimed by the U.S. military.

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