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IQ Clues And Classified Humor

Home Stubborn Home – A person's home is their castle. It can also be a thorn in the side of very powerful neighbors. Here's what happens when the holdouts really hold out. (Check out the farmers who farm on an active runway.) Click here for the story.

IQ Clues – Child development experts say they've figured out a way to predict some children's future intelligence when they're just weeks old. The technique could help families prepare for the challenges of raising a special needs child. Click here for the story.

It's Alive! – Bacteria that's been frozen and dormant for more than 100,000 years has been revived, opening a window on the Earth's past and providing hints of what life might look like if it exists on other planets. Click here for the story.

Waste Not – Evolutionarily this plant got the short end of the stick. But it's making do. Click here for the story.

Classified Humor – Craigslist is officially weird. Weird Al. The king of parody's take on the website where you can find (for better or worse) anything. Click here for the story.

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