iPod Accessories Proliferate

Think iPods are popular? Last year, nearly 100 were sold every minute.

What began as a simple digital music player five years ago has become something of a cultural obsession.

It's not just about the music anymore, either. There are thousands of accessories available to let you keep your iPod playing at every point in your day — and for almost every occasion.

Brett Larson, technology editor at CBS station WCBS-TV in New York, showcases some of the latest in Tuesday's "Trend Report" on The Early Show.

First off, the new Dodge Caliber is Chrysler's first iPod-friendly car. It retails for $14,000 and debuted around the country on Tuesday.

For information about iPod accessories, you could log onto jandr.com and ilounge.com.


  • Kolcraft Stoller: A reclining umbrella stroller with an iPod adapter that enables parents and baby to enjoy their tunes anywhere. Works with iPod or iPod Mini. Includes iPod pocket holder, parent cup holder and rear storage bag. $45. kolcraft.com
  • Baby Einstein Discovering Water Rocker Seat: Features brightly colored Baby Einstein characters, toys and a dual speaker stereo. Can play baby music, but its audio system also includes an external source input to use with your own music devices, such as a portable CD, MP3, iPod and cassette players. $59 babyeinstein.com


  • iZ: If there's one thing Larson can say about the Zizzle iZ, it's that he's never seen anything quite like him. (Apparently, it's a boy.) $39.99 zizzle.com
  • iDog: Made by Hasbro, it plugs into your iPod. His ears move and his nose blinks. It's one of the hottest iPod toys out there. $29.95 hasbro.com


    They come in every shape and color, including a bunch of cases designed for women. There's even a line for sports fans and cartoon character fans. Cases range in price from $20 to $39.99.

    There are also gym cases and straps for $25 to wear while working out.