"iPad Murder": Nev. teen killed when two men allegedly tried to go "Apple picking"

Jacod Dismont and Michael Solid
Taken from CBS Las Vegas, courtesy LVMPD
Jacob Dismont (left) and Michael Solid (right)
Las Vegas Metro Police Dept., via CBS Las Vegas

(CBS) LAS VEGAS -The Las Vegas Metro Police said two men, Jacob Dismont and Michael Solid, were arrested on Sunday for allegedly killing a teenage boy over an iPad, according to the Las Vegas Sun.

The paper reported that authorities said the 18-year-old Dismont and 21-year-old Solid were taken to the Clark County jail on Sunday charged with open murder, robbery and conspiracy to commit robbery.

"We're very confident we got the two who were there," poice spokesman Bill Cassell told the Las Vegas Sun.

The victim was 15-year-old Marcos Arenas. As he was walking down the street carrying an iPad on Thursday, a man got out of a white SUV and tried to wrestle it away from him, reported the Sun.

Police said Arenas refused to let go of the device and was dragged back to the car by one of the suspects. According to the paper, the SUV then drove off and ran over Arenas, who later died at University Medical Center.

Cassell said iPad and iPhone theft is commonly referred to among police as "Apple picking," reported the Las Vegas Sun.

The police spokesman told the paper that it's important for people to be alert while in public spaces and if ever faced with a decision between one's safety and their Apple device, let it go and buy a new one.