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Iowa State Student Loses Bid At State House

This story was written by Danielle Gibbons, Iowa State Daily

Either way it goes, he promised to not take it personally.

Its their choice and their vote, said Ryan Rhodes.

Rhodes, 26 and Iowa State University senior in horticulture, lost in his first attempt for the Iowa Legislature in House District 45 this election.

Preparing for something like this is a lot more work than people think, Rhodes said.

Tuesday, while waiting for the results, Rhodes had a pretty relaxed day.

Rhodes woke up for class and went to the library to check his e-mail and sent out a final voting reminder.

My e-mail has been pretty full recently, Rhodes said with a chuckle.

After checking his e-mail, Rhodes attended two classes. He will receive his bachelors degree in the fall of 2008 in turf grass management.

Rhodes did some last-minute campaigning through Campustown.

While walking he stopped and spoke to people.

People came up to me, said hi, told me they voted for me it was nice, Rhodes said.

At this time Rhodes was pretty calm and feeling encouraged by many supporters.

After he walked around campus for a while, he went back home to relax. Rhodes also made sure that he made a few calls to people to remind people to vote and checked his e-mail again.

At 5 p.m. Rhodes attended a Young Professionals of Ames party at Old Maine Brewing Co., 316 Main St. Rhodes is a member of the group, which was getting together Tuesday for a social event. He was very anxious, when some of the results began to come in.

I hadnt really been nervous until this point, Rhodes said.

Rhodes said he was excited and ready to see his name on TV. As Rhodes walked around the room he was very fidgety. He was carrying around a small thing of mustard seeds.

His mother, Janice Rhodes, said she gave them to him.

If you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can move mountains, Janice said.

Everyone wished him good luck before he left.

After the Young Professionals party Rhodes went to an election party that his volunteers were hosting.

And at 9 p.m. was the big event. He attended Tom Lathams convention at the Gateway Hotel, 2100 Green Hills Drive, to watch the results.

Rhodes couldnt even sit down long enough to eat anything. He was on his phone back in fourth with the county auditor to find out where he was standing thus far. The whole time he was there he had mustard seeds in hand.

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