Iowa Media Very Interested in Post-Speech Romney

From CBS News' Scott Conroy

DES MOINES, IOWA -- Gov. Romney spoke to about 80 people at Fort Des Moines. The topic was Romney's plan to strengthen the military but the news came when Romney moved into his daily press conference, the first since his religion speech yesterday.

At today's news conference, there were easily double the number of reporters and cameras than he usually attracts at his Iowa press conferences.

And Romney seems unsettled with all the media attention as his reaction to reporters questions were unusually testy.

One reporter asked Romney about the recent firing of his landscape company in Massachusetts, to which Romney angrily responded, "What would you do?"

He was also asked what kinds of sacrifices Romney would require of the American people if he were elected president. Romney answered that Americans should work hard and become educated. The reporter followed up asking if that was something that Americans should be doing anyway. Romney waved his hand in dismissal and moved on to another question, a behavior not seen before by the usually amenable Romney.

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