Iowa Man Busted for Drunk Driving at 5 MPH...on a Lawn Mower!

drink driving drunk driving DUI lawn tractor mower

MADRID, Iowa (CBS/AP) Drunk driving is drunk driving...even if it's the middle of the night and you're on a highway in Madrid, Iowa...and you're riding on a lawn mower!

The Boone County Sheriff's Office says deputies stopped a man about 1 a.m. Wednesday on Highway 17 some 25 miles northwest of Des Moines, after receiving reports of someone driving a lawn mower all over the road with no headlights.

The man was arrested and jailed after sheriff's officers measured his blood-alcohol level at .190 - well above Iowa's limit of .08.

Boone County Sheriff Ron Fehr says it's illegal in Iowa to drive any kind of motor vehicle anywhere while drunk.

Fehr wasn't sure just how fast the man was going on the six-speed Bolens lawn tractor - but the Des Moines Register reports that the top speed for that mower is about 5 mph.

Fast enough, apparently, to be driving drunk.