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Introducing the iPhone 5S -- S is for "same" parody

(CBS News) For the most part, everyone loves Apple. And for the most part everyone loves iPhones. By now it's pretty well known that Apple doesn't have to try very hard when they release a new product -- they flash the shiny new toy, and people come running. Which is why this parody video of the upcoming release of the newest iPhone is so fricking hilarious. So whether you are an iPhone fanatic or hater, you are going to love the clip created by YouTube funny dude Matthias above, trust me.

Timed to the recent reveal of the iPhone 5S and 5C being released on Sept. 10, Matthias' faux ad hits perfectly close to Apple's sleek, perfectly-designed home. And just like the details that go into Apple's products, it's the details of this parody that makes it so brilliant, from the clever titles and inside tech jokes (hello, Lorem Ipsum) to the hysterically sarcastic lines. And speaking of lines, I'll leave you with two of my favs:

"To create the new iPhone, we started with a design we really loved. And then...stopped."
"We did an over the air update, and automatically billed your iTunes account. You're welcome."
Oh, and also, how annoying is that cord thing??? How many different ones are we going to need, for the love...?
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