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Introducing Ruby Wax

Comedian Ruby Wax is starting her own talk show this weekend.

But who is Ruby Wax? It turns out the Chicago native had to make it big across the pond before she tried to make a big splash in the United States. CBS News Correspondent Russ Mitchell reports.

When the buttoned-down British Broadcasting Company gave Wax a TV show, it wasn't quite prepared for the off-the-wall American. Nor were celebrities ready for her outspoken, candid style.

Now, as Wax brings her brand of brash comedy stateside for the Lifetime network, it's Thelma with no Louise, looking for new adventures. One involves becoming a Vegas show girl.

"I have to come down the gold staircase in this 400-pound headdress. And being 3 feet tall and being surrounded by 7-feet goddesses was a very difficult thing to do," Wax explains.

Another adventure involves the Army, where aside from meeting "extraordinary men," she also explores the obstacle course with them.

"So I went under the barbed wire. But then I have an emergency. I broke a fingernail, so I had to stop," she says.

Still wondering what the show's really about?
Ruby's not too sure either.

"Just watch the showÂ….Turn on your television set. And then you figure it out, and write me and tell me what you think my show's about. And I'll give you a hundred bucks if I think it's good," she adds.

Watch the show and try to win your $100 starting this Saturday night on the Lifetime network.

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