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Interview: Northern Illinois U. College Dems. President Travels To Denver For Convention

This story was written by LIZ STOEVER, Northern Star

Tony Wadas, junior political science major and president of Northern Illinois Universitys College Democrats, attended Sen. Barack Obamas (D-Ill.) acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention in Denver.

The Northern Star interviewed Wadas about his firsthand experience at the convention.

Northern Star: What was the atmosphere like?

Tony Wadas: Energetic. Everyone was really excited. There was a strong connection from the past. Martin Luther Kings dream was realized.

NS: What were the reactions of the people around you?

TW: Well, some people were on the verge of tears. Few people were crying. Everyone was cheering loudly. Everyone was very happy to witness this.

NS: Did it seem like Obama was convincing to Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-NY) supporters?

TW: Not too many people were complaining. I didnt see any Hillary supporters upset. All the Hillary supporters I met seemed happy to support Obama.

NS: How was the experience different from just watching it on television?

TW: When you watch it on T.V. you cant feel the energy of the crowd. Just to see everyone there cheering and seeing all the people around him. Theres a lot more energy.

NS: Do you think the speech was successful in uniting the party?

TW: Definitely. Not just Obamas speech, Hillary Clintons speech on Tuesday too. A lot of people were crying after that.

NS: Was the convention what you expected?

TW: I knew this convention wasnt going to be like other ones because of the historical nature of it. I didnt expect there to be as much stuff there. There were all different events between conventions. The Illinois delegation breakfast was every morning and had different speakers including Mayor Richard Daley, Lisa Madigan and Dick Durbin. At the Illinois Womens Luncheon there was a surprise visit from Obama.