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Internet memes and viral video moments imagined as movie posters

(CBS) - Since you're here at The Feed, you are no doubt familiar with viral videos and Internet memes. I mean, that is a large part of what we do here (and we love what we do!). 

Well, one talented artist has decided to take the popular online phenomenons and creatively re-imagine them as refined movie posters in this playful and creative collection.

With a style that turns these Internet moments that made us laugh, cry or both into a Criterion Collection of covers (figuratively speaking) and covering everything from Nyan Cat to "planking" to Bed Intruder and more, artist Stefan van Zoggel has created an amazing series of art work for a connected generation entitled "Meme Movie Posters" that you are sure to love as much as we do.

Be sure to take a look at our slideshow of images from Stefan van Zoggel's collection by clicking on one of the images below to see more.

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