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Internet Jihadist Suggest Plot To Attack Sharm El Sheikh Conference

(Al Faloja Website)
A senior member of Al Falojah militant Islamist Internet forums posted a message in which he approached the leader of al Qaeda in the Arab Peninsula with a plan to attack the Gaza reconstruction conference taking place in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt today.

The member, who used the name "Saber," pointed out that the place, just 8 miles from the Saudi town of Ras Hemeid, will be packed with heads of states and other dignitaries, and could easily be targeted with Katyusha rockets or even mortars.

"Even if you don't hit your targets, you know quite well what could happen if one of those rockets fell outside the conference hall," Saber told Nasser al Weheishy, the group's leader. "If Ban Ki-Moon has bowed for the mortars fired by the hero mujaheddin in Iraq , hundreds will be bowing for your rockets God willing," he added.

"Saber" included some maps and a picture of Sharm el Sheikh taken from Saudi Arabia, showing the proximity of the resort town to the Saudi shores. He concluded by saying that if this was a bit of a short notice, the militant of al Qaeda in the Arab Peninsula will have plenty other opportunities to execute their plan provided they get their rockets ready.