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Internet Jihadis Promise To Publish Major "WMD Work"

A posting on the military Internet forum M3ark promised that "a major weapons of mass destruction work" would soon be published on jihadi Internet forums. The message was entitled "Soon, a Big Surprise In the Military Preparation Field, In Response to the Call of the War Minister, Abu Hamza al Muhajir" in reference to the head of al Qaeda in Iraq and the Islamic State of Iraq's so-called "war minister."

The message said two men, named Al Baraa al Masri and Abu Safia, would soon produce the work, accompanied by a guide on explosives technology.

Al Baraa al Masri and Abu Safia are active members of several Arabic Internet forums. They provide weapons and explosives information to jihadi hopefuls. Al Baraa al Masri, who was labeled "al Qaeda's explosives engineer" by fellow members of the forums, is thought to have been the instructor who was featured in a 35-hour video series entitled "Defeating the Cross" - a tutorial video series on the making of explosives that emerged on the web in 2007.